Luminous Hand Spinner Stress Relief Rotating Bubble Bracelet Xmas Gifts - Purple + Blue

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Luminous Hand Spinner Stress Relief Rotating Bubble Bracelet Xmas Gifts - Purple + Blue.

- An easy-to-use and addictive stress-relieving toy that you can easily put in your pocket and take it with you. It has a smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons, better joysticks and buttons, clear click and mute buttons.
- Help yourself to concentrate: Suitable for people with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, as well as students, office workers and daily entertainment.
- Unlike many other pressure release balls, they are highly tear resistant and will not break.
- Relieve stress and concentrate: very suitable for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, very suitable for students, office workers and daily fiddling.
- Unique keychain with silicone accessory buttons; endless irritability! I can't let go of my irritated fingers! The mini clip can be easily attached to keys, wallets and backpacks.
- Very suitable for adults over 3 years old; the buttons are made of 100% silicone; the frame is made of high-quality ABS plastic.
- Encourage tactile stimulation, calmness and concentration; simple happiness is irresistible!
- Colorful colors, mosquito repellent + decompression + rotation + luminescence, four in one, not only a decompression toy, but also a good mosquito repellent for children.

1. Material: silicone
2. Size: 24.5cm Length (adjustable)
3. Color: 3 Colors
4. Weight: 47g
5. Battery: button battery
6. Package: pp bag


can be used 1.5w times
Bright for 4 seconds each time

Package includes:
1 pcs x Bubble Bracelet

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Spinning Magic Rainbow Fidget Ball Speed Cube Brain Teaser Stress Relief - Black.

Product Feature:
- The magic ball is a puzzle game that requires concentration, careful observation and logical thinking, which is helpful for brain growth and improve the ability to solve problems. It can also relieve stress or anxiety from work or study for adults.
- The rainbow magic balls are a nice gift for your family and friends on Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Children's Day, etc.

1. Material: ABS plastic
2. Size: 3 x 3 inches
3. Colour: black/white
4. Weight: 115g
5. Package: no package

Package includes:
1 pcs x magic rainbow puzzle ball

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Luminous Hand Spinner Stress Relief Rotating Bubble Bracelet Xmas Gifts - Purple + Blue