4 Pcs Green Stemmed Flower Buds Serviette Holders For Making Original Table Arrangements

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4 pcs Green Stemmed Flower Buds Serviette Holders for Making Original Table Arrangements.

1. How to use: Insert and fold in the designated slot and twist. It is so simple to fold and form a beautiful and elegant flower bud, which can be displayed on the table, vase or plate.
2. Easy to use: Just grab any napkin, fold it in half and twist it quickly to turn the napkin into petals.
3. It is very suitable for you to entertain your family and friends for gatherings and dinners. Easy to use, safe and convenient to store. The table is arranged with a stand.

1. Material: PP
2. Color: green
3. Product size: about 20*6CM
4. Weight: 147g
5. Package: box package

Package includes:
4 pcs x Serviette Holder(Does not include paper)